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In order to provide better service to international customers
6 Degrees FX will start working with dealerships in Q2 2015. 
New international prices are as follows:
Rodeo Drive, Sally Drive, Millie Fuzz and R3 Distortion -> approximately $249 USD
The Gearbox will be somewhere around $179 USD. 
We'll be gradually raising store prices during Q1 until they meet the new international price. 
  • For example: Sally Drive Classic 
  • March 1st - March 31st: $229
  • After April 1st: $249 and will stay at this price for the next couple of years
How do the changes affect Canadian buyers?
After the new price is introduced and before we start taking Canadian dealers, the price will automatically include all taxes & express shipping so the total will be roughly the same.
This is a big step and a great opportunity for us to better serve guitarists around the world, and we wholeheartedly appreciate the support from all of you awesome musicians.