Classic Stompboxes, Revamped

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100% Handcrafted

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Fancy Decal or Minimalist Stripe

6 Degrees FX's trademark striped models are available through custom shop order. Choose from 8 stylish schemes and add an UnderGlow LED bottom plate to customize your order!

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Serious TONE for professional players

6 Degrees FX pedals are carefully engineered to help you bring out the true potential of your guitars & amp. The pro audio parts and high gauge solid wire retain the signal quality and make sure your precious guitar wood tone is preserved when it reaches your amp. You'll also experience unmatched sensitivity/dynamic response when you play a 6 Degrees FX pedal. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

6 Degrees FX pedals are very flexible and easy to adapt to any kind of guitar/rig combo thanks to the ultra effective Baxandall EQ and highly dynamic characteristic. 

User Review - R3 Distortion

The R3 is the best, really excited to try more of your gear, thanks for making a great product.

Mark M.

Sally Drive Advanced

This is a great pedal. The fit and finish is superb. It is very versitale and has great tone. I like the toggle switch option.

Jay D.

User Review - FamiComp

Awesome pedal for the classic 8bit fuzz! Makes me immediately want to learn all of those great NES and SNES video game themes. Very sturdy construction and I plan to keep it on my board for some fun!

Eric D.

User Review - Sally Drive Advanced

A beautifully sounding pedal that gives the guitarist from a subtle to a crancked up tone. Will make any guitar shine and make me love to play more and more....


User Review - Millie Fuzz

Great sounding pedal with really good "touch" dynamics. Build quality is insane. Definitely has become one of my favorite "go to" fuzz pedals, which is pretty good considering I currently have 38. I would recommend 6 Degrees FX to anyone looking for a high quality pedal to add to their tonal palette.

Steven R.