True Point to Point (PTP) Guitar Pedals

6 Degrees FX is thrilled to announce a major product update - the 3rd gen top mounted models!


Same true point to point circuit board loaded with high end components. Non-compromised top of the line professional audio op amp, tone caps, 20 AWG solid core wire & stranded pure copper wire, and much more 

best point to point effect pedal overdrive distortion

Top quality decal sticker with tough over-laminate and super sticky adhesive.

Spec says it'd last 4 to 6 years outdoor. We'll see ;)

Your choice of classic minimalist striped model or the new fancy decal'ed models.

The decal'ed models have the knob labels printed directly on the decal and the striped models come with optional embossed epoxy stickers

fancy effect pedal cosmetic awesome

Embossed knob label stickers with High-Trac adhesive to ensure they'll never fall off

6 Degrees FX new product update

Space-saving top mounted in and out jacks that can be routed left or right on a flat board, or directly down on pedaltrain type board for under board routing. 

top mounted jack effect pedal

Improved side-loaded 9V battery holder. Easier to insert and remove, stays in place, no more hot glue mess. 

PTP guitar bass effect pedal hand wired guts shot

Top quality aluminum knobs with improved asymmetrical layout. Bigger knob for the control you use most frequently. Also moved the toggle switch to a safer place to avoid accidental stomp.

pedal aluminum knob high end boutique

Check out the product pages:

Standard Decal'ed Models

Custom Shop Striped Models



Q: How come the decal has matte finish instead of glossy finish?

A: We made a batch of glossy decals but then realized all you could see is just reflection and glare. You'll have to look at the pedal straight down 90 degrees to read the labels. Also, the glossy decal is very unforgiving showing all the micro bubbles on the uneven powder coated surface, which make the pedal looks like it's covered in a food wrap.  The matte finish is a much, much better choice.

Q: Can you also move the power jack to the top?

A: We'd love to, however, due to the limited space it's impossible to do so. PTP pedals are known for big components jammed in a tight space especially in our case we're putting in unusually complex circuits into our pedals. If you take a peek inside you'd know everything has already been pushed to the absolute limit. Sorry!

Q: Where did the trimpots go?

A: We sacrificed their souls to the god of tone. Nah, we replaced them with fixed resistors at new factory default value. It allows us to shrink the circuit board size down and made top mounted layout possible. You won't lose much flexibility though because we've tweaked the input stage to allow more sensitivity so your guitar volume knob could act like the "clipping intensity" trimpot, and the EQ section is also improved to cover more range so you wouldn't need the "mid range" control trimpot much either.

Q: Why are the standard models cheaper?

A: The standard models have exact same components as the custom shop models. Believe it or not, but applying the stripes is absolute nightmare and one of the most time consuming work during the entire production chain. By using graphic decals, we could save a LOT of work hours and also cut down the cost of those terribly expensive emblems and logo plates. We just have to reserved this benefit for our customers.

Have questions? Let us know!