General Product Info

Point To Point Construction

Very labour intensive. Each circuit board takes roughly 3+ hours to build. They come with life time warranty because they are nearly indestructible.


True Bypass Switches

Premium grade true bypass switches are longer lasting than the average  switches. The solder lugs are sturdier and switching mechanism is more reliable. 

All 6 Degrees FX pedals are true bypass. The signal travels through 20 AWG thick solid core vintage cloth wires and these premium switches in order to preserve your precious tone when bypassed. 


Bourns 24mm Professional Audio Potentiometers

These potentiometers are often found in high end audio systems.

They have much longer life and sound better than any average budget pots. Bourns pro audio pots are smooth, precise, and reliable. 


Dust Shields

In order to ensure the pots in your pedal always stay smooth and clean, every pot is sealed with dust shield so you can rest assure that they will be as smooth as day 1 down the road, always. 


1/2 watt Carbon Composition Resistor

Often referred to as "mojo parts". Not sure about mojo but we do like the vintage look and high wattage rating. Good stuff.


Premium Audio Caps

As of July, 2017, we are now using custom developed 6 Degrees FX branded polypropylene capacitors as well as premium polystyrene caps and Vishay aluminum electrolytic caps. This combination yields significant improvements in tonal quality.

Fiberglass Circuit Board & Terminals

Fiberglass boards are extremely resistant to moisture. They are designed to work in even the most humid environment.

We also custom manufacture our own terminals by using top grade brass and tin (which exceeds the quality of Keystone's counterparts) to enhance the conductivity.


High End Professional Audio Grade Op Amps

These jellyfish-like metal can op amps now cost 20x the general purpose op amps (as of 2015) found in most pedals on the market. They are designed specifically for audio purposes and therefore offer extremely dynamic response and pleasing tone. 


Neutrik Audio Jacks

A good jack must be very sturdy and ready for road abuse. Neutrik jacks are near indestructible and we love them!



6 Degrees FX pedals are proudly made in Canada with passion and pride. They are built for the most demanding professionals but priced for everyone.


6 Degrees FX

We are uber-friendly and easygoing people. We always go beyond and above to help out our dear customers and we wholeheartedly appreciate your support! Rock on!