Product Line

 FamiComp (2nd run)

(Compressor + 8-bit fuzz)

Based on the orange squeezer design, the FamiComp offers extra controls like Ratio, Release, Bias, Compression, and Gain.

Most importantly, it knows a special trick to generate 8-bit midi tone to make you feel nostalgia. 

Millie Fuzz

(Low gain fuzz + medium gain, saturated fuzz)

Silicon Fuzz Face + 1/2 Big Muff in one pedal. "Crunch channel" is Fuzz Face alone, with the tonal shaping flexibility from the BM EQ section.

"Burn channel" is Fuzz Face stacking on an extra BM gain stage, giving it a more aggressive, saturated and long sustaining fuzz tone. 


Sally Drive Classic DC

(Low gain overdrive / clean boost)

True PTP version of classic 808 overdrive remake, with post-drive independent clean boost.  

Much more transparent, dynamic, harmonically rich than the original 808.  

Internal trimpot controls boost volume from 0dB to approximately 15dB, very hot.


Sally Drive "Advanced" 

(low gain overdrive / preamp)

Designed for experienced user. Sally Drive "Advanced" offers:
3 way SHIFT mid range selector (treble boost, stock 720Hz, and low boost),
Dynamic/sensitivity bias control, Mid scoop/boost control,
and Baxandall EQ (bass & treble mix)
No matter what type of guitars and amps you have, the tonal flexibility of the Sally Drive Advance will allow you to get the ideal classic 808 tone you always wanted.


Rodeo Drive

(Medium gain overdrive)

Rodeo Drive is a modded Bluesbreaker with more advanced EQ section and mid control (via internal trimpot)
This is an entry level pedal with super straight forward controls which simply sounds good with all knobs are set at noon.  
Designed to sound like a cranked Marshall, the Rodeo Drive has the spirit of the 80's and loves GNR, AC/DC tunes.

R3 Distortion

(High gain distortion)

Heavy-handedly modded version of RAT distortion. 
"3" stands for 3 voices. The 3 ways toggle "G.A.S." switch offers (G)ermanium, (A)symmetrical, and (S)ilicon clipping. 
Each voice sounds and feels differently so you can cover a wide range of styles with this versatile beauty.


The Gearbox

(Compact Loop Switcher)

3 True bypass loops in one small footprint.  

Smart jack spacing allows flat or under board routing. Tall enclosure stands taller than most pedals and make it easy to engage.

It might look hard to engage each channel but it's actually quite easy to get used to.

Also, with some practice you can engage 2 switches at the same time to make it work like A/B switch.

Each channel has its own LED indicator, which can be powered by internal battery or 9V DC.