Warranty & Troubleshooting

If your 6 Degrees FX stopped working, please carefully follow the instruction below:
Just kidding, please follow the troubleshooting guide or contact us by using the contact form if problems persist (scroll down to the bottom of this page)


We offer life time warranty on the circuit board/workmanship, and  1 year warranty on the parts such as footswitch, knobs and power jack.
Do not attempt to perform repair or modification.  It will void the factory warranty. 

Repair/RMA :

User MUST contact us to get a repair ticket prior to return shipping.
Under factory warranty we will fix your pedal and send it back to you free of charge. If we examine the pedal and find out it was damaged due to misuse, abuse or due to unauthorized modification or repair, the warranty will no longer apply. In this case user must pay 2 way shipping and get a separate quote for repair fee. 

Trouble Shooting:

6 Degrees FX pedals are built solid and nearly indestructible to take on the most challenging conditions on the road. 
All the inner connections are professionally soldered with thick solid wires and hot glued so there is absolutely no chance for failure even if one day the audio jacks start to get loose. By any chance that your pedal stopped working please do not take it apart or attempt to fix it. Please follow the guide:

LED lights up but no sound?

  • Put pedal between guitar and amp (no other pedals or routing in chain) Make sure all cables are working and are properly inserted into the jacks.
  • Check power supply or battery. It must be standard 9V DC, centre negative. If you plugged in wrong polarity it will sound like elephant fart. Never use power supply with AC output.
  • Metal can transistor is accidentally pressed down and the can touched one of its leads or the terminal. Carefully.... really carefully hold the metal can transistor and try to lift it a bit so the transistor doesn't make contact with any metal part.

Pedal turning itself on and off?

  • 99.99% the adaptor has reached its maximum current limit. If your pedal has UnderGlow installed, the current requirement is roughly around 120mA to 160mA depends on which colour. Please make sure the sum of current requirement of all your pedals doesn't exceed the maximum output from the adaptor. 
  • Running pedal with UnderGlow on battery is like vampires turning human into jerky. You will experience this issue quite often. Please use power supply if UnderGlow is installed. 

Not much sound coming out but have bad noise?

  • Most likely cause is wrong power adaptor type. It must be between 9V DC, center negative
  • Check if battery is depleted
  • Check if output cable is properly inserted into the jack
  • Check if there is any mysterious metal piece that somehow got into your pedal and made accidental contacts.

When I shake my pedal I hear something rattling?

  • Battery snap, most likely
  • Could be a piece of hot glue falling off. There is nothing to worry about because it is still safe without the hot glue, we just overkilled it.

No sound and LED doesn't turn on?

  • Check power supply to see if adaptor is in working condition, also check if battery still have juice
  • Check if there is a crack in the power jack. If someone accidentally stepped on the power cable it could damage the power jack and break connection
  • If problem persists, please use the contact form and we will guide you with RMA instruction.

Request a RMA ticket: