Amplitude ELEVEN

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Amplitude ELEVEN is a 2-channel Class A overdrive

  • Toggle between low gain and high gain channel
  • Independent drive and tone knobs for each channel
  • Extra warm, smooth OD texture with flexible EQ controls
  • Can sound like transparent OD, saturated drive, fat and sustaining lead or even a little fuzzy distortion. 

The Amplitude ELEVEN has a natural sounding, tube-like characteristic class A circuit with a wide gain range.  It covers anything from funky, slightly breaking up light drive to beefy, full-bodied distortion, and even long sustaining, responsive fat lead. Amplitude ELEVEN's flexible active EQ and harmonically rich clipping circuit is capable to produce beautiful tones for many genre.


Blue Channel - Amplitude ELEVEN's BLUE channel has 2 gain stages. It produces crunchy tone with a natural and smooth clipping texture with great clarity. Preamp "Gain" and Blue Ch. "Drive" act like "gain 1, gain 2" on some vintage amps. 

More "Gain" = more high mid, smooth and harmonically rich tone. 

More "Drive" = more aggressive, more bite, and edgy clipping texture

The RED channel is a 4-gain stage high gain channel that delivers saturated drive for rhythm or lead. 

More “Gain” less “Drive" = aggressive, edgy 

More "Drive” less “Gain" = smooth, responsive, and harmonically rich


Our trademark G.A.S. switch is redesigned and renamed. It is now more effective than ever. 

Germanium mode brings you back to the 60's, 70's era with its fat, warm and fuzzy clipping texture. Asymmetrical mode has better clarity and rounded top end. It also enhances the mid range sweet spot. Silicon mode is the most aggressive mode of the 3. It has some unique top end bite that helps to cut through mix and its tight bass produces satisfying palm mute sound.


The preamp section is the key part that makes all the magic happen. The A11OD’s structure is similar to “booster before tube amp” setup which the preamp section acts like a booster pushing the amplifier stage into overdrive. 

Cranking the preamp Gain and lowing the Drive (and vice versa) creates different tone. Also, cranking the Treble and lowing the Tone (and vice versa) also dramatically changes the EQ contour. 

Using these 2 sets of controls in conjunction with the Voice clipping selector gives you access to many tonal possibilities. 


100% hand wired in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. 6 Degrees FX uses only the top notch components such as:

  • Custom 6 Degrees FX branded polypropylene capacitors (audio caps)
  • Custom 6 Degrees FX branded tin plated brass turrets
  • 1/2 watt carbon composition resistors
  • Pro audio grade high fidelity op amp
  • Pro audio grade potentiometer designed for guitar
  • 20 AWG solid core cloth wire
  • Custom high grade aluminum enclosure

Amplitude ELEVEN offers many practical features such as:

  • Rhythm & lead channel with blue and red LED indicator and dedicated foot switch 
  • Flexible preamp with active 2-band EQ (Treble & Bass)
  • 3 clipping modes for advanced voicing options. (G.A.S. switch - Germanium, Asymmetrical, Silicon)
  • Robust turret board construction with high wattage parts
  • Space saving top mounted input/output & power jacks
  • Slanted design for easier access


  • Dimension: 
    • Width = 5.12" (130 mm)
    • Depth = 4.92" (125 mm)
    • Height (front) = 1.65" (42 mm)
    • Height (back) = 2.36" (60 mm)
    • Tallest point including knobs = 2.55" (65 mm)
    • Weight = 1.3 lb (590 g)
    • 9 to 12V DC adaptor only

    Download user preset template HERE

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