S90 Enclosure preorder

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GØRVA Design S90 enclosure has similar dimensions to 1590BBM and measures 115mm [4.53"] x 90mm [3.54"] x 39.5mm [1.56"] (with lid) 


  • Pillow effect on the edges and corners for high quality look. We also offer silicone jelly printing service which the graphic can be printed over the edges and onto the sides. (Custom graphics please contact us for quotes)
  • Tight fit and small gap between the enclosure and lid. It doesn't make noise when you rock it without any screws. 
  • Unsupported screw holes allows more room for jacks, switches and other hardware. When stomping on the enclosure, the force will be transferred evenly through all 4 sides to the bottom lid. The screws and screw hole support are suspended and will not receive force. 
  • Sand blasted surface for extra smooth touch and better powder coating result
  • Smooth, perfect powder coating. Guarantee no bubble or any visible blemish. High grade powder coat makes even surface, and it's designed to work with silk screen and UV printing well. (Custom colours please contact us for quotes)